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T&C is an Italian company that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of a range of disposable hygiene GLOVES which are suitable for cleaning in many environments including medical, hospital, cosmetic, veterinary, household and general commercial.

T&C designs and manufactures a special range of gloves from nonwoven fabric that is more innovative than traditional supplies that are already available in the market. The T&C glove is made from high quality materials and the contoured shape allows you to join hands to give a more comfortable and effective cleaning result. The glove can be coupled with sponges or soap suds to represent a complete kit, ideal for personal care or cleaning in general.
is able to provide a complete solution to your needs covering the whole cleaning process that allows for considerable savings in time, an improved clean whilst providing an excellent level of comfort to the patient. Importantly, the possibility of applying additional soap sponges can make the product easily adaptable according to customers individual needs.
-Founded in 1999;
-Professionalism-thirty years;
-International Patents;
-ISO9000 Certification;
-Recognition of the Ministry of Health;
-Present in 7 countries;
-Production capacity of 50,000,000 pieces / year